Friends of Tryon Creek offer hands-on, experiential field trips that are designed to facilitate student-driven exploration of basic concepts in science and natural history in our unique urban forest.

We have programs for preschool through 5th grade, focusing on everything from animal adaptations and sensory exploration to watersheds and forest succession. On every field trip students will spend time outdoors (rain or shine) in small groups with one of our trained volunteer Nature Guides, making connections to key concepts through group collaboration, hands-on activities, and direct observations.

All field trips are strategically aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and are designed to promote critical thinking and group collaboration, develop problem solving skills, and foster positive relationships with the natural world.

Preregistration for field trips is required and our schedule fills quickly, so register your class today! See our Registration & Fees page for more information.


School Field Trip Stories


Returning Soon



We are currently working on revising this fun program that looks at the decomposition process through the eyes of Tryon’s most charismatic recycler, the Banana Slug!  Please contact the Field Trip Coordinator if you would like to schedule this program for the spring.


The Friends are excited to partner with representatives of our local tribes to evaluate and update our ethnobotany program in order to provide a more culturally relevant approach and respectfully interpret their stories. Please contact the Field Trip Coordinator if you would like to schedule this program for the spring.

Middle and High School Programs

We are also looking forward to working on programming that better accommodates the needs of older students. If you are a middle or high school teacher and would like to share your idea for a great program, please feel free to contact the Field Trip Coordinator, we value collaboration with the community we serve.