Linda Leaves a Legacy Gift

Linda Koser has been an active leader within the Friends of Tryon Creek community for 25 years. This year she is retiring after 11 years as FOTC’s Field Trip Coordinator, but Linda’s gifts to the community of Tryon Creek State Natural Area are far from over.

Starting out as a volunteer with the Friends, Linda and her family were able to work together. She became inspired by how the community came together and saved this land.

“To have saved this for the community is pretty special, it was going to be 600 houses but now it’s a place for all of Portland Metro area to discover nature – not just the local neighborhood kids. It is always fun to hear the stories about kids growing up playing here. It’s a place where people come to from all over, it isn’t an exclusive place – it is open to everyone.”


Linda has been dedicated to this community for years though her time and efforts, she and her husband have also decided to give financially allowing this place and programming to remain special for years to come. Linda has made a big gift by arranging to include Friends of Tryon Creek within her estate plans, and invites you to ‘take your money and put it where your passion is’ as well.

“I believe in the mission of the Friends and in connecting people to the living earth. I love the field trip and education programs that the Friends provide. For over 25 years I have seen and heard kids saying ‘wow this is so much fun’, ‘this was the best field trip ever’, many teachers have shared with me that students are still talking about it. We do a great job at what we do.”

Please consider making a planned gift to Friends of Tryon Creek, and consider putting your money where your passion is – just like Linda. Thank you Linda, we wish you the best on your next chapter in life and are so happy to know that you will remain connected to this special work and this unique community.

If you have questions about making a planned gift feel free to contact our Development Director at (503) 636-4398.