Pull together for Tryon Creek

“Giving the money to Tryon Creek is a way to help animals, humans, and plants alike survive. Just because we’re smarter than everyone else shouldn’t mean we own the world.” - Liam

Liam Miller Castles and Kai Miller Castles visited their good friend, Sabina Oldham, in Jerusalem where she was temporarily living. During that visit and upon their return to Portland they pulled together to turn their handmade jewelry, crafted from Red Sea stones, into an endeavor to support the wild things of their community.

“The main idea for doing the necklaces came after we had experimented with breaking open small rocks, we figured out a way to make them into necklaces. Then we decided we could sell them and donate the money to charity.”


Sabina shared, “When we got the idea for Tryon Creek, I went home, looked it up and found out the donations would go to removing ivy. I knew ivy was bad for trees, and one of my favorite things about Oregon is its trees, especially living in hot, dry Israel! It was really fun to help Tryon Creek State Natural Area and maybe sometime we can come and pull ivy!”

Now is the time to invest in our future. Although not everyone can get out and do the physical work of removing the ivy that stifles our native habitats, anyone who cares can pull together by offering something to the cause. Join Liam, Kai and Sabina by donating your gift to the Friends of Tryon Creek Pull Together Fund today!