Friends Circle Dedication

Friends dedicated the Friends Circle trailhead on Sunday May 17th after the idea was hatched 10 years ago and construction began in September of last year. Speaking at the event were State Senator Richard Devlin, State Parks Deputy Director MG Devereux, Friends' President Jeff Lang, Friends Founder Lu Beck, and Gary Pagenstecher.


Gary Pagenstecher, board member and past president, envisioned the Circle in 2005 when working on a gateway feature for the Friends’ first “Art in the Forest,” a year-long exhibition of temporary art works along the Ruth Pennington all abilities trail. “During the site analysis for the gateway I cast a critical eye over the intersection of these trails and the design for the Friends Circle emerged.”

The basalt stone circle took nine months to complete by Steve Zaglen, master mason, and his assistant, Brian Jackson. Three panels in the seat-back include poetry by Kim Stafford, a quote from Governor Tom McCall, and an interpretive statement with illustrations by Dennis Cunningham. The panels were created by a continuum of Friends’ leadership over the past 45 years including Lu Beck, Barbara-Lee Orloff, Patricia Irons, Stephanie Wagner, and Phil Hamilton, and including John Mullen, TCSNA Manager with OPRD.

Over 100 people contributed to the Friends Circle Building Fund including significant support from FOTC Board of Directors, The McGraw Family Foundation, and The Friends and Family of Lillian Pagenstecher.


Special Thanks to all those who donated to the Friend’s Circle Building Fund.

Mitchell & Diana Almy

Ana Andueza

Ray & Jean Auel

Carl Axelsen

Lucille Beck

Aliza Bethalmy

Louise Barrow

Tom Birch & Mary Nienow

Susan Bishop

Tom & Carmen Bittner

Barbara & Peter Browning

Eileen Carney

Connie & Carl Clark

Stephen Cook

Robert & Barbara Crooke

Country Gardens Club

Dean and Joan Dechaine

Christina Deffebach

Veronica Dujon & Ismael Padin-Dujon

Catherine Ellison

Charles & Carey Evans

Bradford and Michelle Fletcher

Sylvia Breed Gates

Terry & Debbie Griffin

Brenda Grootendorst & Mark Haggard

Dr. Christene & George Gross

Phil & Rose Hamilton

Veronica & Clyde Hamstreet

Fred & Sara Harwin

Sharon & Doug Hawley

Nancy Headlee

Bruce Henderson

Henry Hillman, Jr. & Amber Hillman

Eileen Isham

Everett Jack

Robin & Jeff Jensen

Gary & Jan Johanns

Sandy Joos

Janet Kahl

Ned & Marcie Kirschbaum

Jeff Lang & Ramona Svendgard

Jim Lindsay

Diane & Richard Lowensohn

Dorothy Malcolm

Sabrina & Dan Matthews

Douglas McClenaghan

Dan Merkle

Janice & Michael Opton

Barbara Lee Orloff

Hiroko Ozawa


Nate & Heather Reagan

Lisa Richard & Alex Stoltze

Margaret Roland

Stephen and Jean Roth

Richard and Deanne Rubinstein

Leslie Ann Sammons

Elizabeth Scholz

Patricia Shattuck

Scot Smythe

Robert & Sallie Snyder

Barbara Stafford & Steve Wilson

Frances Storrs

Bob & Lynn Thompson

Thomas and Andrea Tongue

Dawn & George Tsongas

Jill Turner

Stephanie & Rick Wagner

Dan & Priscilla Weiden

Barbara Coit Yeager & Robert Yeager