Invasive Species

Grades 3 - 5 | Fall and Spring

2 Hours

Among the myriad of environmental issues facing our societies today, displaced problematic plants and animals, called “invasive species”, are one of the most prevalent. Fortunately, this is also an issue being addressed by people of all ages across the country! In this program, your class will learn about how certain invasive species are established, why it is important to manage their spread in order to restore balance to the ecosystem, and how they can help! Note that we strongly encourage you to do the afternoon extension for this program at no additional charge – students get hands-on experience and connection with real life invasive species removal project, great recipe for meaningful service learning!

4 Hours

Note that due to the logistics of service work, full day Invasive Species programs are limited to 30 students per day. Students grab their gloves and hit the trails to help our community of volunteers tackle the issue of invasive English Ivy, a plant that currently dominates a great portion of our northwest ecosystems. Be part of a generations-long effort to remove ivy from our 650-acre state natural area and solidify student’s learning by incorporating a service effort. Note that gloves will be provided for students and service learning efforts are led by trained educators. Waivers are required from all students participating in the ivy pull.